I’m a very creative individual. Big fan of technology. I love music both creating and listening to it. My main goal in life is to put my knowledge and creativity in making something for myself, I have a lot of dreams and ideas I want to make into reality. The reality hopefully being to be part of a major media company that would allow me to excel with them.


I am 21 years old Music Producer/Graphic+Web Designer/Video Editor based in London. Have over 4 years freelance experience. Most of my skills and knowledge are self taught.

Enrik Elmazi (Formally  – Double.E) is a self taught music producer and graphic designer. From an early age he always had the love for art but in the end music won his heart. Enrik first started doing music when he was 14 with an mp3 player that had a recording function, this lead to him getting together with friends to create recording tracks, from the school corridors, even the classrooms, it didn’t matter where it would take place Enrik-“All we had was a phone playing the same instrumental and my mp3 recorder, that’s all we really needed, we were just messing about exploring the new technology at the time”.

As time went on Enrik started to create the instrumentals that would be playing from the phone using FL STUDIO 4, Enrik-“I got my first computer around 13 years of age, but at the age of 14 as i started to get interested in the music more i decided to teach myself how to create beats”, this was to become the spark that has developed throughout the 6 years. Enrik-“In the very beginning i would create just drum loops with no real arrangement, or a melody for that matter, this soon progressed though and after finding the piano roll function then on to the effects and finally external plugins, before i knew it i had learnt the very basics of creating music”.
Going back to school with brand new music material almost everyday got him recognized as the producer to his friends. After a while nearly everyone in the secondary school was starting to write lyrics and there would be “clashes” between two emcee’s. While all this was happening outside teaching hours, in class Enrik had discovered that he could draw very well. Enrik-“I was very good at art one of the top students in fact, i even got into a gifted and talented group that was running at the time in school when it came down to selecting which subjects i wanted to pursue i decided to go with Music, however the art side of things has always stuck with me and it evolved from drawing to digital form using programs such as Photoshop.

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